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by | Sep 7, 2017 | All posts, Contributors, DPVP

Nimue Brown first joined the Pagan Federation aged 18, which is rather a long time ago! She’s volunteered for us before, for The Druid Network and OBOD, and currently The Woodland Trust.

She’s a Druid, on the bardic path and blogs most days at Druid Life

Assorted Pagan books written by Nimue are published by Moon Books, and she has also written a fair bit of fiction, most of it quite silly. Folk influenced, coffee addicted, prone to wandering and pondering, anarchic and drawn to community spaces. She’s not fond of labels, but Filthy Steampunk Urchin has a nice ring to it.

She is the Web Elf for the Disabilities Team website Spoons and Broomsticks, and a regular contributor to the Disabled Pagans Voices Project.

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