Adult Play

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Transylvania

Jenny Luddington, our Deputy Disabilities Manager and Disabilities Liaison for the South East, shares her thoughts on adult play as food for the soul.

YouTube link (7m 18 sec)

Batty Nan, as might be expected, has her own very special take on adult play and after watching Jenny’s talk above has shared with us one of her favourite videos.  As the agony aunt for the Disabilities Team she knows that some of our disabled friends are able to play in unexpected ways when they have the right support from their friends.

Removing the bar from Shibari: disability and rope


Nan’s view: “I’m getting on a bit, so I prefer to fly around in comfort with my knitting and a cup of tea these days, but I want to encourage my younger friends to have fun where they can.”

Contains mature and explicit content: may not be suitable for all viewers.

The full length video can be found here together with the back story: Removing the bar from shibari: Disability and rope

We have shared it here because the Disabilities Team feel that there should not be an automatic assumption that disabled people are excluded from activities that others are able to enjoy.