Our new Children and Families Manager is asking us for help

by | Dec 14, 2018 | All posts, Children and Families

Hi there folks, Sarah here – your new Children and Families Manager (and Deputy District Manager for the East Midlands). I’m so new, that as I write this I’ve only been in this post just over a week! With that in mind, I thought I had better introduce myself before I ask for your help…….

I’m an eclectic pagan and healer with a crazy home life thanks to my husband and four amazing kids. It’s messy, noisy and hectic and I wouldn’t change it for the world BUT I am myself a solitary, introverted person who needs to escape from the craziness regularly to stay even remotely sane. I do that through the healing work I do as a job, volunteering in my community and spending an immense amount of time with my head in a book/whatever thing I’m learning about next (usually something to do with nature, healing and related topics). These things feed my soul so I can find the daily strength I need to stay sane, nurture my family and hopefully help some people along the way.

My volunteer work over the last half dozen years has been focused within the community on my doorstep, the one that my kids and I take a daily part in. As all things do, my time there has come to a natural end and it’s time to move forward to something different. I’ve learned a lot while walking that path from practical things such as fundraising and policy implementation to deeper knowledge about myself. It’s time to take that knowledge and understanding and use it somewhere else useful so here I am.

I took this role on because I understand that any support we can give to families right now in this uncertain world is a worthwhile thing. It spoke to me because I know there are barriers for pagan families accessing a wide range of support from simply having a family friendly moot to attend to support in times of crisis and I want to change that. There are some people that would nod and say that its been a moan of mine for some years now that I wish there were more local and national happenings for pagan people generally, especially for those of us with families and pagan teens who need guidance and support in exploring their path as it takes them through life and all it throws at us. I’m not moaning anymore, I’m going to do something about it.

The first thing I need to do though, is ask for your help.

I know what I have needed over the years growing from inquisitive child through my teen years and on into adult and mother hood but I cannot presume for everyone and want to make the work I do effective and worthwhile for all involved. With this in mind, I want to find out from pagan families what it is they need, how can I and the PF help you?

Do you have a teen that needs a group of peers for friendship and support? Do you have a young family and struggle to attend events because of venue or time? What do you struggle with as a pagan family and how does it affect you? Is there anything else that causes a barrier between you, your family and attending to your spiritual needs in any way?

Once I have gathered all your answers, then we can begin the work of dismantling those barriers for all our families. For that I will need people to join the team. People who understand and are willing to work with families and their needs out in their communities. People who are willing to pitch in wherever they can with their particular skillset and help our families to grow strong with great support behind them.

If you can help at all whether you have a small amount of time and can answer my questions or you’d like to get involved in the bigger picture then please contact me either by using the contact form or through the Children and Families Facebook Group.